So many of our clients struggle with tight calves, either temporarily (like when training for the City-To-Surf) or more chronically (many of our Dancers)

There are several things that you can do to help release the tension in your calves, including some self massage, simple calf stretches, 3D calf Mobilisers and some taping techniques.

Try the following ideas at home, but if the tension persists, please contact us, as there may be deeper reasons why your calves are getting tight. It is always better to deal with the root cause rather than constantly treating symptoms, so make sure to come and see us if tight claves are a common issue for you.

1. Calf Massage

2. Simple Calf Stretches

3. Fascial Mobilisation for the calf

4. For Taping techniques for the feet and ankle, please talk to your Physiotherapist about what technique is most suitable for you, or try the ones featured in our Advanced Foot Control Program.