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“We treat human beings, not just human bodies”

The Surry Hills Clinic is now closed as of July 18, 2019. A huge Thank you to all of you who have been in contact over the past few weeks to pass on your well wishes. It means so much to us that Perfect Form Physio was able to help so many people; dancers and non-dancers alike! Your continued support in our future endeavours is much appreciated. For any information on future developments please email 

Sally Harrison will still be taking appointments at alternative locations in Surry Hills and Bondi Junction and can be contacted directly via, by phoning 0404 366 363 or CLICK HERE to book an appointment.

As I have said to many of my current clients, I’m not sick or pregnant! I will still be around; I am just evolving the structure of the business for a new era and focussing on empowering more teachers and therapists globally through my extensive line-up of workshops. I am speaking at many International and National events over the next 18 months, and have also just completed an intensive Online Teacher Training Portal. Information about that can be found HERE.

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Senior Physiotherapist

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Get relief from discomfort, resolve all of those niggles, and get back to what you love doing most! Our extended consultations allow time for us to establish the root cause of any issue you have rather than just temporarily treating your symptoms. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or reduce back pain, we can help!

Physio For Dancers

Dancers challenge their bodies in so many ways, and it is essential that you have a therapist that understands this. All our therapists have a strong personal experience in dance of all genres and use this to create the best possible rehabilitation plan, or performance enhancement program to help you achieve your goals.

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Perfect Form Physio is a world leader in education on pre-pointe preparation, paving the way with specialised assessments and effective programs to help dancers achieve their dreams. Correct training is essential to avoid injury when progressing en pointe. Your dancer is worth the very best.

Flexibility Training

Are you frustrated at reaching a plateau in your quest for flexibility, no matter how much you stretch? The issue may not be your muscles! Have an assessment with one of our highly trained therapists to determine the true origin of your restriction, that may be very different to what you expect!

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