Back Pain

Many people struggle with back pain. In fact, over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point. However, despite the prevalence of back pain, unfortunately many people put up with it, thinking that it is “normal” to have pain. This does not have to be the case!

Some of the most common forms of back pain are explained below. Remember that an experienced clinician is needed to correctly diagnose any injury. One of the most important stages in actually overcoming your back pain for good, is learning the right strategies for relieving pain, to allow you to strengthen the area. If you are still in pain, any strengthening will not be as effective as it should be because pain inhibits the exact muscles that you need to stabilise the spine.

The first video explains why many people seek treatment, but do not get full resolution of their pain.

The second video below gives lots of pain relieving tips to help you settle any pain in your back, as well as basic exercises to help stabilize the area.


The third video showcases a back taping technique using K-Tape. This technique is ideal for people who can’t switch off there back muscles which will provide relief and minimise tension in the lower back.

The fourth video demonstrates another back taping technique using Dynamic Tape. This form of taping is suitable for people who are able to control their deep back muscles however they still needs assistance with maintaining their posture while sitting down.


What next?

You can start working on these exercises, or feel free to give us a call to go through the specific exercises that are right for you. Many people think that doing lots of “Core Strengthening Exercises” will help with their back pain, however, many traditional exercises such as crunches or plank may actually make your back worse! For a comprehensive and up to date core stability program that is completely customisable for you, check out A New Approach To Core Stability.

Whilst back pain is quite common, you should not consider it as “normal”. Our team of highly skilled therapists have lots of ways of helping you reduce, manage and prevent further occurrences of back pain. Getting effective resolution of your pain depends on getting an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Click below to book in with one of our therapists today!


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