Erin Riddell, one of the top physios at Perfect Form Physiotherapy is coming to NZ to run workshops over the Autumn School Holidays. 

We will be going to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch from 29th April – 4th May!

These workshops are aimed at:

• Helping you understand how you can effectively use your body to improve your dancing.
• Keeping you injury free.
• Improving your flexibility, turnout and dance technique.

The workshops Erin will be running in each location are Training Turnout,,Front Splits Fast, The Perfect Pointe Book, Advanced foot Control, Dance Conditioning and Core Stability.

All 2 hour workshops cost only $90 each and this price includes a hard copy of the associated book! If you already own the book then the price of workshops falls to just $60 and you MUST bring the book with you to participate in the workshop.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the enrollment form, timetable and more information. Please send your completed forms to

You can also email with any questions you have or telephone between 9:00am and 6:00pm on +612 9922 7721. The deadline for bookings is 29th March so get in quick!