Back Pain Workshops

Learn the secrets to eliminate back pain!

Come to our free back pain relief workshops to finally rid yourself of unwanted neck and back pain and start a pain free life!

Whether you suffer from any sort of back pain or you have a loved one who does, please feel free to come and join us! We will be going over:

•    Why your back really hurts and what to do about it
•    Simple, practical tips to manage your pain
•    Safe ways of strengthening your back
•    Why traditional treatments and exercises often do not work


There is nothing we get asked more about as Physiotherapists than back pain. It seems to be a phantom menace, so many myths and rumors persist about back pain that it seems to have got a life of its own.

This misinformation stops most people from actually finding a solution once and for all to their back pain.

We run these workshops at various times throughout the year. The class is completely free but the results you will see will be priceless.


Time, Date and Location are all to be confirmed! Once the specifics have been finalised we will advertise the class here!


The Workshop is free however bookings are essential to guarantee your place in these limited classes!

Please call us on: [telnumlink]+61 2 9922 7721[/telnumlink] to confirm your place!

Back pain isn’t some phantom menace and there are true and lasting solutions.

We have nothing to sell at this workshop and there will be nothing for you to buy.

The workshop will be primarily taken seated on chairs (or in lying if that is more comfortable for you), however there will also be exercises demonstrated which you are welcome to partake in. Therefore it is recommended that you wear clothes that you are able to move freely in such as Pilates or Gym attire. (Mats for exercises are provided.)

To help us make the workshop more specific to your individual back pain please fill out the form below and bring it to the workshop, to be examined by the Physiotherapist taking the workshop.