We all know that we should be eating more healthy foods, yet the overwhelming feedback we get from clients when they try and make a positive change is on the food that they cut out. Far too often I get clients who are suddenly “wheat free” “gluten free” “vegetarian” “sugar free” “no carbs” “vegan”. Now there is nothing wrong with any of these, in fact, many of the foods I eat can fit into these categories, however, this biggest issue is when I ask clients what the ARE eating, and they respond with… “…ummm… carrots?… And… salad?..”

Everyone, especially high level athletes and dancers need well balanced nutrition, and it bothers me to think that many are not getting everything they need. So I have decided to share some of my favorite, super healthy, recipes that anyone can enjoy.

This section contains recipies to help you get more comfortable with eating a wide variety of vegetable, grains, legumes and other nutrient rich foods. There is also a section on basics that has details on some ingredients that you may not be so familiar with.

You may notice that there are not many recipes here involving meat. This is not because I condone eating meat, but more due to the fact that those who do choose to eat meat usually know how to cook that, and its all of the other things that they need help with!

I look forward to your feedback on this part of the site, and am open to suggestions or adding in your favorite recipes!