Core Stability

By far one of the major issues that we see as therapists is in the realm of their Core Stability. The issues we see are two-fold.

  • On one hand, very few people have good true core control and dynamic stability of the spine, which leads to many of the spinal injuries that we will discuss today.
  • On the other hand, many people are perfoming the “core” exercises that they have been taught incorrectly, which can lead to other injuries.

When we ask most people what they do for their Core Stability training, Planks, Sit-Ups and Crunches or are the are most common responses. These exercises are not  necessarily “bad” exercises, however the problem is in the way they are performed by most students, who lack the deep control to do them properly. Incorrect performance of these exercises is often actually contributing to the very problem that their are trying to correct! If these exercises are done incorrectly, they can give the student back pain, which causes inhibition of the deep stabilising muscles of the low back. The very ones that are required for true core stability.

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