Dance Injuries

Heel Press ExerciseOften students start ballet training to improve their posture to avoid injury. However as hours of training and intensity of dancing increase, so does the risk of overuse injury. Perfect Form Physiotherapy is respected internationally for our work with dancers, in both rehabilitation and in injury prevention programs.

Dancing is no longer just about the lessons and performances. Today’s dancer needs to be smart and educated about their body, how it works, and how to make it work better. As dancers push the limits of what the human body is capable of, the marriage of the art of dance and the science of medicine is becoming closer and closer. It is essential to consult a therapist who understand the special and unique needs of the dancer, no matter what genera they excel in.

All Physiotherapists at Perfect Form Physiotherapy have an extensive background in many types of dance, allowing them to fully rehabilitate the dancer to optimal performance level in the shortest possible time. Our aim is to not only help a dancer overcome their current symptoms to get back to performing as soon as possible, but to also educate them as to why the injury developed in the first place, and preventing it from happening again.

Barre with a BootThis may include:

  • Strengthening certain muscle groups to cope with the demands of dancing
  • Specific hands-on releases of chronically overused muscles
  • Taping techniques to support the body as activity is re-introduced
  • Instruction in self-release techniques
  • Retraining specific technical elements
  • Edication about the anatomy of the region, to empower the dancer

Our focus is on making dancers progressively capable of looking after themselves, especially older students and professional dancers, who must be able to look after themselves when abroard.

We have aslo created many Dance Education Books, DVD’s and Workshops to help spread this vital information where it is needed most.

We have also developed a website, dedicated to education dancers all over the world which is packed with free articles and videos on how to dance more safely!