What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the art and science of guiding the body to do what it does so well, naturally heal itself. Without the use of drugs or other harmful toxins, physiotherapy can help provide relief for a whole spectrum of conditions.

Using various techniques the girls at Perfect Form Physiotherapy can help relieve any discomfort that you may be experiencing, give you advice and education on preventing recurrence, and assist you with rehabilitation to get you back to your full level of function and beyond.

We provide an holistic approach to treatment, combing healing for both the mind and the body, as we understand that the body needs to function as a whole. Treatment sessions are all one on one (so there is no leaving you alone with a heat pack!) and Initial Consultations are a full hour in length to get to the root of the problem as opposed to purely treating the symptoms. We have a ‘hands on’ focus, using various treatment techniques to get you pain free and follow this with an exercise based approach to empower you in your recovery.

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