Physiotherapy For Dancers

[ezcol_1half]Physio for dancers is a specialised area of Physiotherapy that involves the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries. At Perfect Form Physiotherapy we are experts in the field of physio for dancers. All of our skilled therapists have a strong and varied background in dance to truly understand your needs as a dancer. Education and empowerment of dancers is our top priority. With an understanding of your own body, you will get the results you desire and help prevent injury.

The physio at Perfect Form Physiotherapy can provide dancers with:

  • Injury prevention screening – through our special Dance Assessments. These assessments are important for any dancer regardless of age or level. They can cover areas such as foot control, turnout and hip strength, posture and core control, dance specific technique, and flexibility etc.
  • Pre Pointe Assessments – to establish readiness for pointe work through the assessment of things such as foot and ankle strength, flexibility, postural control and turnout range etc. These will not only ensure that the dancer is truly prepared for pointe work but will also improve their dancing technique in general.
  • Performance Enhancement – Training at a high level and constantly seeking to improve your performance can lead to pain or discomfort due to overuse. Our therapists can analyse your technique and give you safe and effective ways of rapidly improving in all areas without strain or risk of injury.
  • Dance Injury Treatment – for all types of dance related issues including injuries and overuse problems, particularly for the foot/ankle/lower leg, low back, and hip.
  • Dance Injury Rehabilitation – to guarantee support for the body while unable to dance and to ensure dancers return quickly and safely to dance again.

Whether you’re just starting out as a dancer or are at a professional level, we can help you achieve your goals and be the best dancer you can be!


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