I can assure them that they will encounter in this country touching sympathy. I will give the other a summary of some pedagogical findings in Norway. I have here, before closing, fill out a pleasant duty by thanking the Norwegian Group facilitators of the welcome they gave us. Although it is dangerous, in such circumstances, be quiet personalities, we have a special appreciation to Ms.

Sethne who planned everything, organized everything and with a force of mind that so many young people would envy him watch Norway the way of the new education liberating – and Miss Froyland-Nielsen who so perfectly understood our technique she could, even before our arrival in Oslo, beautifully prepared the atmosphere in which our work has been so much easier. This trip and this series of lessons and lectures us more, strengthened the idea that our technique, having completed his slow and difficult development, is now able to be disclosed, to be understood and accepted by all that we can learn about the educational spirit again.

Since abroad interested with such power in our techniques, it is necessary that escalates in France the propaganda that will tell us for hundreds and thousands of educators, waiting for public school formally accepts, otherwise our full technical, at least the renovation of premises we have recommended in our last issue. This special issue on the NEW STUDY PLAN FRENCH had to all our readers a favor that had never known any of our publications – certain proof that we touch one of the essential points of our educational urgent action. “Your” Proletarian Educator ” of 15 October is wonderful, we wrote a teacher Dordogne.

The New Plan Belgian Studies and one you suggest for our schools are finally impregnated with a profound humanitarian feeling. Thank you for having published one and the other. Thank you for getting us out of a deadly routine. “We could cite many views as favorable, although they are often more terse. In almost all departments we have received requests numbers for sending parliamentarians and officials. Step up everywhere this action.

Enjoy this number to let us know among the young especially, during the various meetings beginning apnea. We will continue to send you free all propaganda materials you we ask, also Act in unions and various educational associations so that the publication of our special issue is not fire ordinary straw that around concrete proposals that we have made in France creates an atmosphere for discussion, a waiting atmosphere prelude achievements we still dare to hope.

Author Freinet Print
In: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers French magazine Movements> educational movement in October 1936 Reorganization on active bases of the French Group of New Education On the occasion of my trip to Oslo, the go, and two weeks later, to return, I was able to attend two important meetings of the French New Education Group.

The first was to ask the Action Committee to decide on the new organization proposed in Cheltenham and was approved. In the future, the French Group of New Education will be given by: – ??a Paris Bureau, responsible for management; – an enlarged Committee Comprising the variety of teaching personalities who, to varying degrees and for various courses, are interested in the new pedagogy and the Group’s achievements.

This Committee has a deliberative vote; – representatives of all organizations interested in the new education will be invited in an advisory capacity to the Group’s meetings. A great propaganda campaign will be undertaken for the constitution, through France, local and departmental groups of New Education, and membership in the Group of all those who in any capacity whatsoever, are interested in new education.

The price of the contribution is 5 fr. a year and be eligible for a monthly bulletin of the Group, the first issue will be released shortly. The second meeting, which attended several of our friends worked to effectively market the new body.

She specifically investigated the possibility to immediately starts research and discussions on topics likely to excite educators currently: abolition of the CEP, abnormal education, children’s newspapers, the connection between the various levels of education , the organization of studies between 13 and 14 years, public libraries, etc … the Group’s report will give the list of recommended study subjects with the names of those responsible for some of these securities. It will appeal to all comrades interested in the issue to lead the study of these key issues.

Questionnaires will be sent to newspapers and organizations, articles published in journals. General and final report will be finally published in a collection of brochures of Education Nova which a large distribution will be provided. With this broad education and deep action and we hope to actually focus the mass of educators and parents to urgent issues of new education. * * * The success of our movement is deeply linked to the expansion of this action.

We have seen many times that we do not particularly like to see grow at an accelerated pace the number of members of Printing at the School. We are an organization may be unique because our primary concern is not recruitment but the actual teaching work. For this work, however, we feel the need to create a favorable atmosphere to encourage friends circles, to help the new education movement which we are one of the most living branches.

The New Education Group will create this atmosphere, favorable climate. This is why we ask specifically for our members to be everywhere in their departments the best craftsmen of the new Group organization. Join all personally to French Group.

It’s not the minimal fee that could stop you. Then Build in your city, in your district, in your department, the Education Groups New members to the Group of Paris. Instructions about it will be given shortly. All you have also mimic the activity of our subsidiaries Eure-et-Loir and Vosges we talked about: through exhibitions, demonstrations, conferences, by organizing film libraries and nightclubs, will be interested in the new education of the masses ever larger educators.

And then, if even memberships to the printers are not many, will feel at least sympathy and support. Organize conferences. I remember the offer I made to meet the demand that could make me more cities or even different departments in the organization every month or every two months speaking tours. I remain at your disposal. C. F.

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