BAND-ITS Lower Body Starter Kit PLUS

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For all orders of BAND-ITS please contact Sally via PRO ALIGN

BAND-ITS is a revolutionary, simple and yet powerful resistance training tool. This equipment is small, portable and yet fully independent, requiring no extra adjuncts or tether points to use it. All you need is yourself and the will to improve.

The basic lower body BAND-ITS kit is primarily focused on training the legs, hips, pelvis and core. The basic upper body kit also incorporates the upper limbs providing an intense and full body body work out.

The BAND-ITS Lower Body Starter Kit PLUS is suitable for all users. It allows individuals to select a resistance level that is suited to them and start training straight away.

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For all orders of BAND-ITS please contact Sally via PRO ALIGN

BAND-ITS can be used by

  • Any age; from the young to the elderly, large to small.

  • Any fitness level; elite to rehab

  • Anywhere; inside or out, from your lounge to the beach, gym or hospital

  • With anyone; in groups, with friends or alone

This really is the height in versatility for accentuating your training regime.

The YELLOW level is ideal for children, rehabilitation and the elderly adult looking for light strength training.

The RED level is ideal for children completing advanced training, teenagers, rehabilitation, beginner adult sports training and the elderly adult looking for strength training. This level is also ideal for ‘high kicks’ training.

It should be noted that the outlined levels listed above many vary between females & males and this should be taken into consideration when choosing the level that is right for you. If you are unsure and would like advice on choosing the appropriate level please contact Sally Harrison from Pro Align.

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